When was the last time you updated your “About” section on Facebook?

Hi guys!  Hope you are having a good week so far, my social media tip this week:

Please remember to check your About/Info section on your Facebook page and keep it updated!  When you go to your Facebook page and click where it says “About” under your profile photo, you can edit your “About”, “Basic Info”, and “Contact Info” sections.  It’s a good idea to have a pretty short biography, band members names/instruments, a discography list, musical genre, influences, location, label… there are probably some other basics that I am missing, but you get the idea.  Keep an eye on this section, because many bands set it up when they first start their page and forget to keep updating it when things change!

Here are some extra ideas:

1. Add in some quotes from reviews…  If you don’t have any reviews, then just ask your fans for some quick reviews or even other bands!

2. In “artist we also like” add in some bands you regularly play with and then ask them to do the same for you.  Don’t just use this “artist we also like” section for BIG bands, save that for your “influences” section.  Use “bands we also like” to help promote some friends.

3. If you have been around awhile, add the year you first started. That is always nice to know.. some bands have been around for 10+ years and JUST now started a Facebook page.

4. Add a band email to the “contact info” section.  This was more important back when you didn’t have messaging on Facebook pages, but it is still a good idea to include an email address as a means for fans, press, or other band to contact you.  Only include it if you regularly check it!  If you don’t regularly check your band email then that is really silly… but still include a band member’s personal email address and say something like “for booking information or press inquiries, please email:”

5. Another important detail is to LINK to your OTHER social networks and YOUR WEBSITE!  It is often overlooked.  Super Super important to have this basic information on your Facebook page!  In the “website” field you can actually add multiple clickable links just by putting a space between them.

My advice is to keep all sections very short (that includes your bio!) so that fans do not have to click to “see more” because many people will not do it.

Here’s something else to think about… What is your number one most important priority of what to promote about your band RIGHT NOW?  This needs to be in your About section and be one or two sentences so that it shows up under your page photo when fans first visit your page. This should be something like a link to a website, link to Artistdata (Click here for Artistdata advice), or link to your latest release on Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp, etc… and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD… PLEASE BITLY IT!  (Click here for Bitly advice).

Go check out your About/Information section and get that stuff updated today 🙂

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