“Before SOiL hired ROCK SOCIALLY to coordinate our social networking, things were a mess. We had no idea what to do. Jenna and her team not only were able to link our pages and organize all of our media, but they also taught us how to effectively interact with our fans and followers and truly reach out to them. You NEED to hire ROCK SOCIALLY!!!”
~ Tim King, SOiL

“Jenna’s a social network ninja!”
~ Clint Lowery, Dark New Day 

“Aside from being sharp and easy to work with, Jenna’s got a number of things going for her: 1) knowledge of the myriad social media outlets and how they work together, 2) gobs of creative ideas on how to keep things fresh and interesting across those outlets, 3) strong strategic skills that tie everything together into an interconnected network of bands, labels, media, vendors, venues, etc. I wouldn’t want her job in a million years, which is a pretty good indicator that someone’s providing a great service.”
~ Jason Muxlow, Earthen Grave and The Living Fields

“Jenna immediately identified key areas of our social networking situation that were not being used to their full potential. Right away she helped us to correct many aspects of CIIC’s social network machine. With her help we were able to connect all of our sites and create a much more user-friendly situation across the board. As a result we are a lot more efficient with our communications to fans, media, and potential clients. Jenna is great to work with and her turn-around time is fantastic on major project work. I feel like we are on the right path with Jenna’s help and expertise and I would highly recommend her work in all areas of social media management.”
~ Zak Stevens, CircleIICircle

“Social media is such a critical element for success in today’s marketplace that must be constantly monitored and utilized effectively to achieve maximum results. However, trying to focus on all the different aspects to effectively launch and maintain a social media presence and manage our daily band/business needs was just not practical. Everything changed the day we started working with Jenna, she’s a ROCKSTAR in her own right, with an amazing knowledge of everything social media coupled with an unbelievable drive to succeed and make things work. She’s always trying to push the envelope with creative ideas and really helped pull everything together in a more focused effort for success. It’s been such a relief to have Jenna and the ROCK SOCIALLY team there to manage all of our social media needs, we can always count on them to take things to the next level for us, and we highly recommend them!”
~ Chris Lotesto, Ion Vein

“I admit it! I went into the arena of Social Media kicking and screaming. As a musician, I want to make music. I don’t want to be distracted by the maintenance and upkeep of web pages, and I didn’t care about any of  the new social media tools out there…or know how to use them. My only concern was the inordinate amount of time I had to spend marketing myself and explaining what I do for potential clients. Jenna of Rock Socially came recommended highly by a number of my colleagues… One said, “Dude, I just gave her all my stuff and she had me up and running in no time.”  After looking at his site…I was envious.  My management suggested we couldn’t go wrong after a cursory investigation. I had several conversations with Jenna, explaining my multi-tier organization and platform. After careful consideration, we had a plan, implemented it and I haven’t had time to look back with all the buzz. I am very pleased with the professional and contemporary web presentation Jenna created for me, and her management of all the details is a godsend!!  Rock Socially provides quality, effective services for anyone looking to create or enhance their web presence… and their media management is a tool I have come to rely upon daily.  Thanks, Jenna”
~ Derrick Simpson, Atmosphericsync

“Jenna Scifres is a Social Networking Goddess.  She is passionate, hard working and relentless when it comes to working with her clients.  When The Great Southern Brainfart seemed to be at a stand still with getting new readers and Facebook fans, Jenna worked with me and shared with me some incredible ideas.  She set me up with a mailing list and showed me how I could use Fanbridge to increase my traffic but she didn’t stop there.  Jenna actually shared her ideas with me about how to continue to engage my subscribers and fans with contests and exclusive content to keep them coming back.  Jenna really helped me to take my site to the next level and she did it all with a smile and tons of encouragement.  She’s the kind of person you need to have working for your band or site without a doubt!”
~ Don de Leaumont, Editor The Great Southern Brainfart

“Jenna really provided some great insight on ways to increase my social media presence for my Web/Graphic Design and Photography businesses. I genuinely consider Jenna an expert on everything social media. I respect and trust her advice, which I can’t say for most people I come into contact with. I would recommend Jenna and Rock Socially to anyone looking to seriously improve their social media marketing efforts. You won’t be disappointed.”
~Dave Zumbek, Owner Zumbek Media and Dave Zumbek Photography


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