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Thanks for sticking with me on the beginning of our social media journey together!  Let’s dive right in this week and get straight to the Action Item.


Action Item

Do you feel like you should be on twitter but you don’t really know what to do when you get there?  Or maybe you tweet a few updates here and there but you wait and then nothing seems to happen?  Clients say this to me all the time!  They want more twitter followers, but they aren’t really sure what to do with them!  I will let you in on a little secret… it’s called:


Go ahead and click on the link above, then pop in your band name or your business name… or a topic that you are interested in and SEARCH.  I just did a search for the terms “metal band” when I started typing this email, and 31 new tweets have been posted in that amount of time.  So you are thinking… How does this benefit you?  Start a conversation with these people talking about metal!  (if you are interested in metal or have a metal band) If you have a small business that sells office supplies, do a search for different types of office supplies!  See what people are saying… and just start replying to them.  People expect to meet random new people on twitter, that is how it works… networking!

My advice wouldn’t be to just say “Hey you like metal?  Check out my band page!”  – Wait on all that selling yourself and just start TALKING!  Ask what their favorite bands are, favorite restaurants, favorite products… ask what they do NOT like.  Twitter is all about meeting new people and gaining trust.  I love helping out clients with their twitter accounts, but when it comes down to it, their own personality is what needs to shine through!

Even if you find a bunch of results and don’t know what to reply yet, just start following these people!  You don’t have to know them, just follow a few new people or blogs or businesses… hang back and watch what they are talking about… eventually you will feel good about jumping in and making your own comments.   Here is a screenshot from my “metal band” search:


Another awesome search option is to use these advanced operators to narrow down your search by location, attitude of the post, and a ton of other factors:


I will feature bands or businesses in this section, please just reply to this email if you are interested in being featured.

The featured band of the week:  The Living Fields.  My pick for 2011 album of the year, you need to go take a listen!

The Living Fields plays an eclectic smelt of metals fleshed out with piano, violins, viola, cello, acoustic guitars and a variety of internal and external musical influences. Though built around a core of deep respect for the early death /doom architects, The Living Fields’ songs are rife with healthy doses of thrash, black, Viking and epic metals that reflect the underlying moods and themes of the lyrics.  Jon Higgs’ (vocalist) storylines typically veer far to the left of the self-centered cliches of doom (love, loss and death) in favor of more universal horrors that flow freely from the seemingly endless parade of humanity’s self-inflicted plagues. Oppression, injustice, suffering and man’s inhumanity to man flourish with such virility in today’s world that merely turning on the news offers up ample material for an entire album. Reading any book of history provides enough for a dozen.

Go give them a like: http://www.facebook.com/thelivingfields

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