Your hidden key to start cross promoting on Facebook


Your hidden key to start cross promoting on Facebook

View pages that already “like” your facebook page – the results may surprise you!

More opportunities for cross promoting (you know how I love that!) by viewing the pages that already like your page on Facebook.

This is a built-in network for you to contact that you may not have even been aware of!

(*please make sure you have a Facebook PAGE, not a personal profile.  If you do have a personal profile that you are using as a band or business page, please email me and I will help you covert your “friends” to “likes” – YES it can be done!!)

There are a few different ways to check pages that like your page, but here is a quick way:

  1. Use facebook as your page
  2. Click on the “friends” icon at the top left side
  3. At the top of the popup window, the default setting will have “People”
  4. Click that and in the drop down, select “Pages”
  5. From here you can scroll through all the pages that already like your page – some of them might surprise you!

Why is this helpful?  This is a list of other bands and businesses that like you and support you.  This list is your hidden key to start cross promoting on Facebook!   

What can you do next??

  1. Go through that list one by one and also like those pages back
  2. Comment as your page on their wall to say “Thanks for liking our page” and maybe give a quick update about what you are up to (big show coming up?  album coming out?  currently in the studio recording?  new merch for sale?) Their fans will see this and might want to check you out and it is just nice to say thanks and hello
  3. The next time you have something going on like a show or voting for a contest – you already have a built in list of pages where you can post about it.  And be sure to return the favor by posting about those pages when you see they have a special event or promotion coming up.
  4. Keep checking this on a regular basis and following up with new pages liking your page

Don’t just spam people and promote yourself – Help others out and post their content and news to your fans!  Build solid relationships with other pages NOW and this will set you up with a great network of people and pages willing to help you out when you need it most.

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