Lots of changes with Rock Socially + How to set your vanity URL on Facebook

Here is a quick social media reminder, a “how to”, for those of you who have not updated your Facebook URL:

Set your vanity URL.  This is to prevent you from having a bunch of numbers in your URL and allows you to claim your “facebook.com/bandname” address.  Facebook has a nice way of calling one thing several different names.. in this case Vanity URL, Claiming your URL, and Username are all different terms for the same thing.  Here is how to see if yours is set and if not, then claim it:
1. Type facebook.com/username into your address bar.
2. There will be a drop down box to select which page or profile you would like to set the “username” for (also called vanity URL).
3. If you already have a vanity URL, you will see it under the drop down.
4. If you do not already have a vanity URL, then you can type in what you would like to use and see if it is available.
5. Sometimes facebook will only allow you to set this after you have 25 likes or fans, but that is not always true.  So if you have a new page that has less than 25 likes you may have to wait to set it.


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Add Album Releases to Your Facebook Page Milestones

This week’s social media tip is about adding Milestones to your Facebook page.  Album releases are just one idea, but you can add all kinds of accomplishments and “Milestones” to your band’s Facebook page!

To add a Milestone, visit your Facebook like you would be creating a regular status update post.  Above the box where you would enter text, there is an option for “Status”, “Photo/Video”, and the 3rd option is “Event, Milestone, +” (PLEASE NOTE: on Facebook pages I manage that have purchased advertising in the past, this 3rd option is listed as “Offer, Event, +”).  Regardless of the exact wording, click on the 3rd thing over… then:

– Enter “Event”, this is misleading terminology, but just the title of your Milestone (like the name of your album!)
– Add a Year (also add Month and Date to be specific if you choose)
– Select an existing photo from your page or upload a new photo
– Optional: add location, add description (record label, album credits)
– Then of course don’t check the box to Hide from your Timeline because that defeats the purpose
– Save and you are all done!

Once you save it, your Milestone will fall into place in the correct spot on your Timeline.  Milestones are automatically expanded to fill the width of the whole Facebook page (just like highlighting a post).

Good luck, and let me know how it goes for you! :)

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Going “viral” on Facebook and Twitter, and all it costs you is a song

Hey people!  How are you doing today?

Seems like I write and write and write posts… but I am not sure what is most helpful to everyone… quick little tidbits of social media advice?  Or do you like my longer articles that explain a lot in great detail?  Let me know on my Facebook page!  I would love to read your opinion.

Today’s tip will be short and sweet:  GOING VIRAL ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER!

Have you heard of “Tweet For A Track”?  http://www.tweetforatrack.com

(The name might be misleading, but this is also about Facebook!)

It is super-duper-easy-peasy to sign up.  All you do is register (it’s free!), upload a track, then share on Facebook and Twitter.  Then when your fans ALSO SHARE on Facebook and Twitter, they will get emailed your track!

You are basically leveraging your fans and in turn THEIR NETWORK of friends on social networks.  But instead of your fans buying a track, all they have to do is SHARE about your track and they get it for free!  I think this is even better than paying for advertising!  It is free for you, and easy for your fans to share the promotion with their friends.  We are getting to the day where sharing on social networks is a stronger currency than online banner ads.  Think about it:  wouldn’t you pay good money to target advertising to your fans AND their friends?!  Well now all you have to do is send them a song 🙂

Get started today!  http://www.tweetforatrack.com

ps. I had issues uploading a track when I was using Chrome, but Internet Explorer worked fine!

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When was the last time you updated your “About” section on Facebook?

Hi guys!  Hope you are having a good week so far, my social media tip this week:

Please remember to check your About/Info section on your Facebook page and keep it updated!  When you go to your Facebook page and click where it says “About” under your profile photo, you can edit your “About”, “Basic Info”, and “Contact Info” sections.  It’s a good idea to have a pretty short biography, band members names/instruments, a discography list, musical genre, influences, location, label… there are probably some other basics that I am missing, but you get the idea.  Keep an eye on this section, because many bands set it up when they first start their page and forget to keep updating it when things change!

Here are some extra ideas:

1. Add in some quotes from reviews…  If you don’t have any reviews, then just ask your fans for some quick reviews or even other bands!

2. In “artist we also like” add in some bands you regularly play with and then ask them to do the same for you.  Don’t just use this “artist we also like” section for BIG bands, save that for your “influences” section.  Use “bands we also like” to help promote some friends.

3. If you have been around awhile, add the year you first started. That is always nice to know.. some bands have been around for 10+ years and JUST now started a Facebook page.

4. Add a band email to the “contact info” section.  This was more important back when you didn’t have messaging on Facebook pages, but it is still a good idea to include an email address as a means for fans, press, or other band to contact you.  Only include it if you regularly check it!  If you don’t regularly check your band email then that is really silly… but still include a band member’s personal email address and say something like “for booking information or press inquiries, please email:”

5. Another important detail is to LINK to your OTHER social networks and YOUR WEBSITE!  It is often overlooked.  Super Super important to have this basic information on your Facebook page!  In the “website” field you can actually add multiple clickable links just by putting a space between them.

My advice is to keep all sections very short (that includes your bio!) so that fans do not have to click to “see more” because many people will not do it.

Here’s something else to think about… What is your number one most important priority of what to promote about your band RIGHT NOW?  This needs to be in your About section and be one or two sentences so that it shows up under your page photo when fans first visit your page. This should be something like a link to a website, link to Artistdata (Click here for Artistdata advice), or link to your latest release on Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp, etc… and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD… PLEASE BITLY IT!  (Click here for Bitly advice).

Go check out your About/Information section and get that stuff updated today 🙂

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5 Quick ways to get more likes on Facebook!

If you have been following me for awhile, you know I am a big fan of lists!!  There are TONS of different ways to get more likes on Facebook, but here is a quick overview of a FIVE things you can do THIS WEEK!  Try some of them out and let me know how it goes! 🙂

1. Suggest to friends.  Make sure you are using the “Suggest to Friends” feature on your band page each week!  This is located in your Admin Panel on your band’s Facebook page.  In the box “Invite Friends”, click “see all” and then just start picking people to suggest your page to.  This will show up in your friends’ notifications as an invitation to “like” your page

2. Teaser status tagging.  We all see the regular posts of people saying “Check out my band page” on their person profile.  Why not put a TEASER post instead?  Say something like “We just posted how to win tickets to our next two shows on our band Facebook page.  Make sure you check it out here (link) and give us a like when you stop by!”

3. Take group pictures at shows.  Many people will randomly tag a bunch of friends in their flyers or other promotional photos, but a way to make this more legitimate is to take group photos with your fans at shows and make sure to tell them you will be uploading the pictures to your Facebook page and you would love for them to stop by the page and tag themselves.  Another way to do this is take a shot of the crowd from the stage and post it on Facebook the next day with the caption “If you were at our show last night, tag yourself in this pic!”.  The more tags you have, the more your photo is spread around on different profiles, increasing your views and doing worlds of good for you and your page.  (Last I checked, tag limit is 40.. fyi)

4. Link it up.  Make sure that a link to your Facebook page is on EACH page of your website, on the signature of every email, and on every other social network you use.  Sounds simple, but there are plenty of people not doing this.

5. Link to your band page as a place of employment.  This will make a clickable link to your band page show up prominently on your Facebook personal profile without being too obnoxious.  When you are networking and have a lot of band and music industry contacts, it is helpful to let other people identify what band you are in, simply and quickly.  I believe this also helps you to be more memorable when people come across your personal Facebook profile.  Do this by going to your personal profile, click “Update Info”, then under “Work and Education”  add your instrument and band… then save and you will have “Guitar at (band name) under your name and profile picture when someone visits your profile.


Featured this week is Dave Zumbek Photography!

Dave Zumbek is an experienced professional photographer based out of Peoria, IL. He also provides services to the surrounding Central IL, Chicago, and St. Louis areas. Dave specializes in weddings, live band performances, band promo shoots, candids, and portraits. He is willing to work with virtually any budget to provide the professional quality images that you deserve. If you are interested in hiring Dave or would like more information, please contact him at http://davezumbekphotography.com/ (and check out his awesome portfolio while you are there!)

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Creating a Social Media Editorial Calendar (and ideas of what to post!)

Hello!  I hope you are having a great week!  Make sure to email me at jenna@rocksocially.com if you ever have any questions you would like answered on my blog!


Creating a Social Media Editorial Calendar (and ideas of what to post!)

I am sure you are all familiar with the fact that print media, blogs, and other forms of publishing use editorial calendars to plan what topics, articles, and stories they will run and when they will be published.  I am very surprised that more bands and businesses do not use something similar for planning their social media strategies.  There are a few people I have come across that seem to like the idea, but not many that actually practice it.  I would encourage you to start using an editorial calendar this week!!!  This is even more important when you have multiple people involved in a project/band/business, and helps everyone to be on the same page.

Many of my clients (especially the bands!) come to me and say that they have nothing to post about… and you may be saying the same thing.  Follow these directions and you will most likely figure out a few things to say each week, if not every day.  Please keep in mind that little tidbits of info are interesting to your fans!!  Everyone always seems to get hung up on only posting huge news and this paralyzes them into inaction because they feel like they don’t have anything to talk about.  Remember that social media is about socializing… lighten up and just start posting about every day things!  Your fans will be more engaged and interested in what you are posting if you aren’t just talking about sales and shows every single post!!

Here are my instructions to get you started:

1. Write your goals down!  Get a notebook or just open up a Word document on your computer and start writing/typing.  Write down the TYPES of things you want to post for each week.  For example.. live photos, album artwork, candid photos, what you are working on, upcoming projects, show updates and reminders, voting for any contest you may be in, something funny, promoting someone ELSE’s shows for them as a favor, where to buy tickets for your upcoming shows, discount sales on merch, etc.  It may seem silly to write all this down, but trust me it helps!

2. After you have categories of the TYPES of posts, then start listing examples of the exact wording you could use for that category.  You really only need about 10 to start out with.  This again will probably seem silly… just do it.  I usually type the wording and put anything extra in parentheses after.  Example:  Check out Matt at practice last night, can’t wait until you guys hear this new song we are working on. (Photo of Matt)

3.  Once you have a list of about 10 things to post about, create a calendar.  You can use Google Calendar so you can share it with other members, or if you want to keep it super simple then just use a Word document or Excel.  I have used a ton of different calendars and a plain Excel sheet can work just as great as anything fancy.  Start with 2 weeks worth of planning… use your 10 ideas of what to post spaced out over 14 days and then just fill in the gaps as you go through the weeks, surely something new will come up.

4. Extra details to add to your calendar:  Day, Date, What you are posting (I just call it Task), Who you are tagging (for Facebook and Twitter), and the social networks you are posting on.  I also like to add an “Additional Tasks” section at the bottom to remind me to do certain things other than posting on the networks.

Here is an example and I have thrown in a few sample ideas of what a typical agenda should look like:

Please email me if you would like a blank copy of this file (I have mine in Excel), email me: jenna@rocksocially.com 

So you start with your goals list, break it into categories of types of posts, then get specific about your posts, then plan it out day by day.  I would recommend having a goal of one post per day.. and that will at least keep your page full and updated consistently throughout the week, but then just add extras updates if they come up.  Like last minute sales or show updates.  REMEMBER there is no need for fancy schmancy calendar programs (although they are very helpful!)… you only need just a list to get you started and on track!  Good luck with your editorial calendar – Try it out for about 2 weeks and let me know how it goes!


*Bonus Tip!  I also keep a list of ongoing tasks or bigger projects… just so I remember what I need to be working on…  Here is an example (and this is actual work for a client!)

Projects that need to be done (Next two weeks)

– update event thumbnail photos on facebook
– add tweets to pages app to facebook page
– update log in information document
– youtube username and password
– download all video clips from dropbox
– upload videos clips youtube account
– make sure youtube background, artwork, info all look good
– add youtube involver app to facebook tabs
– connect youtube inside fanbridge account
– move all fbml to html apps on facebook page
– create milestones for album releases on facebook page
– check wikipedia page, update info regarding release
– update background artwork on twitter account
– update myspace banner
– update artistdata banner
– refresh myspace connection with fb page app so banner updates

Featured – The Great Affairs

The Great Affairs

Listening to these guys make music is a beautiful American experience.” – Ray Gianchetti, Kool Kat Musik

After 3 releases in as many years,  2009’s “The Great Affairs”, 2010’s “Ricky took the wheels..”, and 2011’s “Happy Ender”, Nashville, TN’s The Great Affairs are currently wrapping up work on the “Fore”EP,  yet another collection of the patented Tom Petty & Cheap Trick-inspired, rootsy pop-rock they’ve become known for.

In early 2012, having taken a brief hiatus in order to complete a long-gestating sophomore release, “The Kids Deserve Cable”, from their power-pop side project fORMER, frontman Denny Smith, and lead guitarist Patrick Miller reconvened The Great Affairs, with a new rhythm section featuring Henry Go(Mink) on bass, and Kenny Wright(Bonepony) on drums.

With this shift in lineup, and fORMER now defunct, the decision was made to incorporate material from both bands into The Great Affairs’ repertoire. In short order, the guitars got a little dirtier, the drums acquired some additional swing, and the band began to display a spring in its step that may not have been quite so evident in an earlier incarnation.

Making road work their first order of business, The Great Affairs V2.0 will be traversing the Southeast and beyond throughout the summer, reintroducing themselves and an overhauled set-list to anyone willing to listen, while testing a slew of new material along the way, before committing it to tape.

“…playing loose and having a good, solid time making music from the gut and letting the sparks fly. That it comes off sounding so effortless is testimony to the talents of the participants.” – Bruce Bodeen, Not Lame

 www.thegreataffairs.com     |    www.dennysmithmusic.com    |     www.facebook.com/thegreataffairs

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Special Guest Advice from a Musician/Producer/Engineer/PR/Artist Management Extraordinaire

Hi people!  I have a special treat for you all today… an awesome guest that has an amazing life story and great insight into the “music business.”  Read below for all the details, he has given all of us some extremely helpful advice!


Our special guest:  Musician/Producer/Engineer/Public Relations/Artist Management

I am SUPER excited for my special guest today!  Remember how I mentioned I would be attending a Symphony X show by Chicago, IL a few weeks ago?  Well, MUCH to my surprise… I received an email from one of my mailing list subscribers saying that he was working for Symphony X and to stop by and say hello at the show.  What a small world it is!!!

Our special guest blogger today is Alexander Ford from World Entertainment Inc. and Knife Fight Media.  I think Alex and I instantly hit it off because we both have so many interest and we both like to keep busy with our different projects!  This is just a great example of how online marketing and social networking can really open doors for you to meet and interact with new business contacts and friends.  

I had a great time rocking out at the show, and Alex graciously agreed to give us all a bit of his background in the music business and some awesome free advice to “up our games” and take our music business success to the next level.  Thanks to Alex for being such a great sport and dishing out useful tips!  It would be fantastic if all us could learn from his example and remember how awesome it is to share helpful information with our fellow business contacts and musical colleagues… let’s all help each other to succeed in this business!  

Without further delay, here is the message from our special guest:

Alex:  I wear many hats! First and foremost, I am a Musician/Producer/Engineer, but as most in this industry my own art plays second fiddle to my primary jobs…PR/Management.

I have been a part of the music industry since my conception (my father was a musician/self manager, then several years after my birth he realized he was missing way too much, so he looked into full time band management.), you could say I was born into the business, needless to say after years of trying to find my own path with music, I decided to go to school for Music (I attended The Hart School – University of Hartford, CT , Regents College, London UK, and graduated from Monmouth University with a BA in Music – Business ) after I graduated, I interned at several recording studios and a PR/Marketing company for the US Branch of a European Record Label (A German Music Label, at the time it was considered the largest indie label in the world), after a summer internship, they offered me a job in PR/New Media/Marketing.

I worked at the Marketing company for 4 years, my job was in PR/Marketing, but they gave me the distinction, “Head of New Media”, the job was great, basically it was left to me to monitor and make sure we were involved in every new; social media platform, internet forum, app, and future technology that fit our roster. Which gave me unique access to all the artists we worked with. My time there was great, but the knowledge and experiences I gained working there helped me to do my own branching out through networking and using social media (at that time it was in it’s early days, myspace was number 1, and facebook was just for college..lol..), this proved to be my saving grace. Unfortunately,  poor decisions made in Germany caused the company (the German side, which funded our Marketing) to declare Chapter 11, which meant our US company would have to downsize and eventually change its name (to disassociate with the German company’s situation).

In the wake of the former company which stood as reminder that the old business model was over, a new company was forged, this new company would be flexible, focused, social, forward thinking, and above all brand focused. It was at this moment that Knife Fight Media was born! Our goal was for a focused, brand by brand co-venture specializing in the development of marketing and promotional campaigns for frontline and catalog products, along with tour and special events marketing. KFM provides a wide range of media services to clients by expanding the traditional PR model to focus on maximizing sales potential; this is achieved through closely working with artists and managers to enhance their product line and brand image from conception to delivery of the finished package. We offer full distribution options in both the digital and physical marketplace throughout North America. The company has launched successful campaigns across a wide array of genres including rock, metal, blues, jazz, goth and electronic.

Around the same time I started working at the Marketing company, I started interning for my father at his Management Firm, after about a year of answering phones, making copies, and getting coffee, he started to teach me how he runs his firm, with the advise; “this is how I do it, learn it, and then develop your own path from it.” Well after 5+ years of work I am a Manager at World Entertainment Inc, where I manage several clients (God Forbid, Powerglove, VANISHER, Last Perfect Thing) and help with the day to day duties with other Management clients on the roster (Morbid Angel, Kings X, Symphony X, Nile, Unleashed, Kreator, Grip Inc, Dave Lombardo, dUg Pinnick, and Tapping the Vein). Needless to say I have ZERO free time, no one thanks me, and I love every single second of it..:)>

Jenna: I asked Alex if he could give us all some of his personal tips for bands trying to get to the next level and “up their game” so to speak.  Here’s his awesome advice!  The important thing is to take action on one of these items THIS WEEK!  Don’t just read it and move on, use some free industry advice to your advantage!

Alex’s 3 Tips for Bands trying to up their game!

1.  Get a Map put a pin on your best market(s), measure out 250 Miles, draw a circle from point to point. Spend as much time as possible developing these scenes with live shows, promotion, meet up’s (social get togethers, acoustic performances, etc), no matter how many fans you have online, it don’t mean shit if you can’t get them out to the shows!

2.  Friends are not Fans, Fans are not Friends! This goes for everything, engage your fans and empower them, your friends are good for initial support but don’t count on them to pony up money every time you play, you end up burning bridges and when you really need them, they aren’t there.

3.  Focus on your ability to pull off your sound live! You can make the best sounding record in the world, but its gotta translate live.


Jenna: Alex is so awesome that he also wanted to share two super cool apps with us that he uses for his clients and recommends… check it out!

This app gives you access to all Google online apps; Google Drive (Google docs; Word, Excel, ect.)
I use it to keep real time Merch logs and share docs privately with people.  Android users I don’t need to tell you about Google docs, but access it however you like the thing is great!
(Jenna:  I didn’t find G-Whizz in my app search on my Android, it’s possible it is only for iOS to access Google Docs?)
Quick Sale 
This app is 10 bucks, but worth every penny! It is a complete inventory system, point of sale device, it takes credit card sales, tracks cash, credit, and email sales. I used it on the Symphony X tour and it was easy to use, once I set it up, and I was dead on the entire tour with my counts and sales. Only problem, it doesn’t work with Square yet, but you can still export your data and use Square on another device.
(Jenna: We will be going over Square in an upcoming newsletter… It is an app that I think EVERYONE should be using!)

Please check out Alex’s work and upcoming projects/tours/etc. on the following websites:


(Jenna: He also had some nice things to say about my newsletter, and I really appreciate that!)

Alex:  I subscribed to Rock Socially on a whim, not even really knowing how I got on it. But after the first few email blogs I was hooked! I actually found the tools and tips to be; refreshing, easy to use, and insightful. Like Lefsetz , you don’t preach unless you truly believe it’s the utter truth. Rock Socially delivers,and best of all the knowledge is here if you want it, no pressure, but if you take it…it always makes something easier.

 Jenna:  Alex, thanks so much for your insightful and amazing advice (and your nice comments about Rock Socially!!)  I really appreciate you taking the time to write it all out for my blog.  I can’t wait to see what other projects are in store for you in the future, best of luck to you and your many endeavors!  

Here’s a pic of Alex and I at the Symphony X show.



This weeks feature is Pastel Jack!  Make sure you give them a like on Facebook!


Here is an introduction to the band:

Pastel Jack are a four piece metal band from Hull, in the UK. Since they have been together they have won Battle of the Bands in 2008, played many great shows up and down the country, recorded a 6 track E.P ‘Ghost in the Machine’ and now have their debut album ‘Trojan Horse’ for sale.  Stop by their Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pastel-Jack/7625915799

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Thank you!!

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Paying to Promote Posts on Facebook

Hi Everyone!  Hope you are all having a great week.  🙂  Symphony X was an amazing time last week, and it was great to see my good friends in ION VEIN as direct support for them!  I am anticipating having a special featured guest on my blog next week that I got to meet in person at the Symphony X show… look for that next Tuesday!


Paying to Promote Posts on Facebook

Before we get started on this topic, I am well aware that paying to promote your own posts on Facebook is quite a controversial issue.  In the last few months, many bands have been in an uproar over having to pay for their posts to be seen by all their fans.  What many bands do NOT realize, is that there have been multiple studies done on the fact that Facebook has never shown your page’s posts to all of the fans of your page.  So, you may not like it… but it is just a fact of life at this point.  At least now, you can pay to promote your posts more if you would like to do so.

This question comes in from a national touring band that wanted to start using the “promote posts” feature in Facebook.  (And I have to admit, I was very honored that they asked me this question and that they subscribe to my mailing list!!  So thank you guys for the question!)

Here are step by step instructions I gave to them so you can start promoting your posts, too!

If you don’t have your paypal acct set up with your facebook acct, you can still follow these steps as I get to that towards the end… even if you do follow all of these steps, you can either choose to buy the promoting or just cancel it. Either way at least you can try out setting it up!

1. Go to one of your posts on your page you would like to promote. Bottom left corner is how many people have already seen the posts (if you hover over this, you will see both Organic and Viral numbers). Bottom right corner says “Promote”, click and you will see the “Get more people to see this post” screen.

You can select:
– People who like your page or
– People who like your page and their friends

2. Then set the budget. Setting the budget is a one time charge, but it will show you how many people will see your promoted post for that budget. Pages with a low number of likes will have few options here, but pages with large numbers of likes will have more options and a larger amount they can select. (I have seen $200 as a budget for 20,000 people to see your post, but many pages have budget options of $5 or $10 at a time for several hundred to thousands of fans to see your post)

3. Under that, you have the ability to click to see more options:
– Duration of the promotion
– Payment Options (this will show the email address you currently have set up, but it might look different if you haven’t set up your paypal yet with facebook)

4. If you click the gear toward the left under this section, you will see:
– change payment method
– visit help center
– send feedback

5. Click “Change Payment Method” to enter your paypal info. You will need to enter your facebook password to make these changes. Once you are on the “Funding Sources” screen, at the top right you can add a new paypal account by clicking “Add Funding Source”

You may also have multiple paypal accounts for different bands and businesses if you manage several facebook pages and you will be able to switch between paypal accounts for different ads or promotions.

6. After that is set up, you should be able to make your proper selections on the post you would like to promote and click Save to get the promotion started, or just click Cancel if you are not ready to start promoting or need to change paypal settings first.

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This weeks feature is XIII!  Make sure you give them a like on Facebook (this is where LAST WEEKS article on the power of cross promotion on facebook comes in!)  http://www.facebook.com/xiiirocks

Here is an introduction to the band from their website:

13 – A number that has stirred unease in the hearts of many. History and mythology have claimed this number to have caused any number of unfortunate incidents and events, and is thus avoided. From the thirteenth floor being missed from buildings, to the doomed Apollo 13 mission, an event covered in the barbs of the number.

However, this band, XIII, are not among those who fear the number. It is embraced as a sign of power and the determination to overcome that which seeks to hinder. Among the bands ranks are 3 young men, not known for their technical prowess, but for their love of performing the music they sweat and toil to create. Their influences are many, from thrash, speed, doom, sludge, groove and southern rock and metal, to country and blues. It is with these influences that they seek to create something that is a break from the norm, with songs like the raging “Triskaidekaphobia”, the empowering and crushing “Devastated by Reality”, the schizophrenic “Eclipse”, the heroic yet tortured “Longest Day” and the harrowing and soulful “Forever”. Their constant strive to show the humanity in their music is worn as a badge of honour, as each riff, beat, bass line, guitar solo and lyric is filled with appropriate amounts of sorrow, aggression, hope and strength, covering every shade of the spectrum.

They do not play for the adoration of anyone. They write their music for themselves, their enjoyment of performing is paramount and their sole purpose onstage. However, they are also fully aware that they would not be performing together were it not for those who give their support, something they are immensely grateful for.

In a world where music has become a serious, over populated and failing business, and is flaunted in the pursuit of admiration, something great is approaching.

The hour of  XIII is on the horizon.



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