Add Album Releases to Your Facebook Page Milestones

This week’s social media tip is about adding Milestones to your Facebook page.  Album releases are just one idea, but you can add all kinds of accomplishments and “Milestones” to your band’s Facebook page!

To add a Milestone, visit your Facebook like you would be creating a regular status update post.  Above the box where you would enter text, there is an option for “Status”, “Photo/Video”, and the 3rd option is “Event, Milestone, +” (PLEASE NOTE: on Facebook pages I manage that have purchased advertising in the past, this 3rd option is listed as “Offer, Event, +”).  Regardless of the exact wording, click on the 3rd thing over… then:

– Enter “Event”, this is misleading terminology, but just the title of your Milestone (like the name of your album!)
– Add a Year (also add Month and Date to be specific if you choose)
– Select an existing photo from your page or upload a new photo
– Optional: add location, add description (record label, album credits)
– Then of course don’t check the box to Hide from your Timeline because that defeats the purpose
– Save and you are all done!

Once you save it, your Milestone will fall into place in the correct spot on your Timeline.  Milestones are automatically expanded to fill the width of the whole Facebook page (just like highlighting a post).

Good luck, and let me know how it goes for you! :)

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