5 Quick ways to get more likes on Facebook!

If you have been following me for awhile, you know I am a big fan of lists!!  There are TONS of different ways to get more likes on Facebook, but here is a quick overview of a FIVE things you can do THIS WEEK!  Try some of them out and let me know how it goes! 🙂

1. Suggest to friends.  Make sure you are using the “Suggest to Friends” feature on your band page each week!  This is located in your Admin Panel on your band’s Facebook page.  In the box “Invite Friends”, click “see all” and then just start picking people to suggest your page to.  This will show up in your friends’ notifications as an invitation to “like” your page

2. Teaser status tagging.  We all see the regular posts of people saying “Check out my band page” on their person profile.  Why not put a TEASER post instead?  Say something like “We just posted how to win tickets to our next two shows on our band Facebook page.  Make sure you check it out here (link) and give us a like when you stop by!”

3. Take group pictures at shows.  Many people will randomly tag a bunch of friends in their flyers or other promotional photos, but a way to make this more legitimate is to take group photos with your fans at shows and make sure to tell them you will be uploading the pictures to your Facebook page and you would love for them to stop by the page and tag themselves.  Another way to do this is take a shot of the crowd from the stage and post it on Facebook the next day with the caption “If you were at our show last night, tag yourself in this pic!”.  The more tags you have, the more your photo is spread around on different profiles, increasing your views and doing worlds of good for you and your page.  (Last I checked, tag limit is 40.. fyi)

4. Link it up.  Make sure that a link to your Facebook page is on EACH page of your website, on the signature of every email, and on every other social network you use.  Sounds simple, but there are plenty of people not doing this.

5. Link to your band page as a place of employment.  This will make a clickable link to your band page show up prominently on your Facebook personal profile without being too obnoxious.  When you are networking and have a lot of band and music industry contacts, it is helpful to let other people identify what band you are in, simply and quickly.  I believe this also helps you to be more memorable when people come across your personal Facebook profile.  Do this by going to your personal profile, click “Update Info”, then under “Work and Education”  add your instrument and band… then save and you will have “Guitar at (band name) under your name and profile picture when someone visits your profile.


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