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Going “viral” on Facebook and Twitter, and all it costs you is a song

Hey people!  How are you doing today?

Seems like I write and write and write posts… but I am not sure what is most helpful to everyone… quick little tidbits of social media advice?  Or do you like my longer articles that explain a lot in great detail?  Let me know on my Facebook page!  I would love to read your opinion.

Today’s tip will be short and sweet:  GOING VIRAL ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER!

Have you heard of “Tweet For A Track”?  http://www.tweetforatrack.com

(The name might be misleading, but this is also about Facebook!)

It is super-duper-easy-peasy to sign up.  All you do is register (it’s free!), upload a track, then share on Facebook and Twitter.  Then when your fans ALSO SHARE on Facebook and Twitter, they will get emailed your track!

You are basically leveraging your fans and in turn THEIR NETWORK of friends on social networks.  But instead of your fans buying a track, all they have to do is SHARE about your track and they get it for free!  I think this is even better than paying for advertising!  It is free for you, and easy for your fans to share the promotion with their friends.  We are getting to the day where sharing on social networks is a stronger currency than online banner ads.  Think about it:  wouldn’t you pay good money to target advertising to your fans AND their friends?!  Well now all you have to do is send them a song 🙂

Get started today!  http://www.tweetforatrack.com

ps. I had issues uploading a track when I was using Chrome, but Internet Explorer worked fine!

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Creating a Social Media Editorial Calendar (and ideas of what to post!)

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Creating a Social Media Editorial Calendar (and ideas of what to post!)

I am sure you are all familiar with the fact that print media, blogs, and other forms of publishing use editorial calendars to plan what topics, articles, and stories they will run and when they will be published.  I am very surprised that more bands and businesses do not use something similar for planning their social media strategies.  There are a few people I have come across that seem to like the idea, but not many that actually practice it.  I would encourage you to start using an editorial calendar this week!!!  This is even more important when you have multiple people involved in a project/band/business, and helps everyone to be on the same page.

Many of my clients (especially the bands!) come to me and say that they have nothing to post about… and you may be saying the same thing.  Follow these directions and you will most likely figure out a few things to say each week, if not every day.  Please keep in mind that little tidbits of info are interesting to your fans!!  Everyone always seems to get hung up on only posting huge news and this paralyzes them into inaction because they feel like they don’t have anything to talk about.  Remember that social media is about socializing… lighten up and just start posting about every day things!  Your fans will be more engaged and interested in what you are posting if you aren’t just talking about sales and shows every single post!!

Here are my instructions to get you started:

1. Write your goals down!  Get a notebook or just open up a Word document on your computer and start writing/typing.  Write down the TYPES of things you want to post for each week.  For example.. live photos, album artwork, candid photos, what you are working on, upcoming projects, show updates and reminders, voting for any contest you may be in, something funny, promoting someone ELSE’s shows for them as a favor, where to buy tickets for your upcoming shows, discount sales on merch, etc.  It may seem silly to write all this down, but trust me it helps!

2. After you have categories of the TYPES of posts, then start listing examples of the exact wording you could use for that category.  You really only need about 10 to start out with.  This again will probably seem silly… just do it.  I usually type the wording and put anything extra in parentheses after.  Example:  Check out Matt at practice last night, can’t wait until you guys hear this new song we are working on. (Photo of Matt)

3.  Once you have a list of about 10 things to post about, create a calendar.  You can use Google Calendar so you can share it with other members, or if you want to keep it super simple then just use a Word document or Excel.  I have used a ton of different calendars and a plain Excel sheet can work just as great as anything fancy.  Start with 2 weeks worth of planning… use your 10 ideas of what to post spaced out over 14 days and then just fill in the gaps as you go through the weeks, surely something new will come up.

4. Extra details to add to your calendar:  Day, Date, What you are posting (I just call it Task), Who you are tagging (for Facebook and Twitter), and the social networks you are posting on.  I also like to add an “Additional Tasks” section at the bottom to remind me to do certain things other than posting on the networks.

Here is an example and I have thrown in a few sample ideas of what a typical agenda should look like:

Please email me if you would like a blank copy of this file (I have mine in Excel), email me: jenna@rocksocially.com 

So you start with your goals list, break it into categories of types of posts, then get specific about your posts, then plan it out day by day.  I would recommend having a goal of one post per day.. and that will at least keep your page full and updated consistently throughout the week, but then just add extras updates if they come up.  Like last minute sales or show updates.  REMEMBER there is no need for fancy schmancy calendar programs (although they are very helpful!)… you only need just a list to get you started and on track!  Good luck with your editorial calendar – Try it out for about 2 weeks and let me know how it goes!


*Bonus Tip!  I also keep a list of ongoing tasks or bigger projects… just so I remember what I need to be working on…  Here is an example (and this is actual work for a client!)

Projects that need to be done (Next two weeks)

– update event thumbnail photos on facebook
– add tweets to pages app to facebook page
– update log in information document
– youtube username and password
– download all video clips from dropbox
– upload videos clips youtube account
– make sure youtube background, artwork, info all look good
– add youtube involver app to facebook tabs
– connect youtube inside fanbridge account
– move all fbml to html apps on facebook page
– create milestones for album releases on facebook page
– check wikipedia page, update info regarding release
– update background artwork on twitter account
– update myspace banner
– update artistdata banner
– refresh myspace connection with fb page app so banner updates

Featured – The Great Affairs

The Great Affairs

Listening to these guys make music is a beautiful American experience.” – Ray Gianchetti, Kool Kat Musik

After 3 releases in as many years,  2009’s “The Great Affairs”, 2010’s “Ricky took the wheels..”, and 2011’s “Happy Ender”, Nashville, TN’s The Great Affairs are currently wrapping up work on the “Fore”EP,  yet another collection of the patented Tom Petty & Cheap Trick-inspired, rootsy pop-rock they’ve become known for.

In early 2012, having taken a brief hiatus in order to complete a long-gestating sophomore release, “The Kids Deserve Cable”, from their power-pop side project fORMER, frontman Denny Smith, and lead guitarist Patrick Miller reconvened The Great Affairs, with a new rhythm section featuring Henry Go(Mink) on bass, and Kenny Wright(Bonepony) on drums.

With this shift in lineup, and fORMER now defunct, the decision was made to incorporate material from both bands into The Great Affairs’ repertoire. In short order, the guitars got a little dirtier, the drums acquired some additional swing, and the band began to display a spring in its step that may not have been quite so evident in an earlier incarnation.

Making road work their first order of business, The Great Affairs V2.0 will be traversing the Southeast and beyond throughout the summer, reintroducing themselves and an overhauled set-list to anyone willing to listen, while testing a slew of new material along the way, before committing it to tape.

“…playing loose and having a good, solid time making music from the gut and letting the sparks fly. That it comes off sounding so effortless is testimony to the talents of the participants.” – Bruce Bodeen, Not Lame

 www.thegreataffairs.com     |    www.dennysmithmusic.com    |     www.facebook.com/thegreataffairs

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RUMORS + COMPLAINTS (and why they are good for your band or business)

Hi there!  Hope you are having a great week!  Remember if you have any questions, you can email me at jenna@rocksocially.com and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

This week’s topic is a juicy one and I hope you enjoy reading…

Action Item

This week I want to talk about two different but similar issues (rumors + complaints!) that many bands and businesses encounter along the social media road… and why both of these “issues” can really be awesome opportunities for you!  It may not be an action item that you can take care of right now, but I am sure that something like this will come up in the future and when it does you will be prepared!

First off, let’s address RUMORS.  Let’s just say you are in a band that has something big coming up – a tour that isn’t yet confirmed, an album that isn’t released, or maybe a long-gone member of your band is joining back up again.  This also applies to businesses that have a new product launch, merger news, etc.  The catch is that you’re not ready to announce all this to the world, or you can’t because of contracts or other obligations.   What happens if friends, family, and fans all start finding out about this “secret” information that you do not want to be announced yet?  And what if they post it on your Facebook wall or ask you to confirm this news in a tweet?  Do you instantly freak out and delete the Facebook post?  You can’t erase what happens on Twitter so maybe you will message the person privately to explain you are sorry, but none of that can be discussed publicly yet?

THIS IS AN AWESOME OPPORTUNITY!  You need to thank your lucky stars if you have people that care enough about your band or business and get so excited when they see leaked content that they want to come directly to the official representative of the band/business and find out the facts!  If they post on your Facebook wall, LEAVE IT!  Please do not delete this… I have seen many people make this mistake!  Leave it there and see what happens… other fans might comment that they have heard this rumor also… you can also respond with something like “Thanks so much for your interest, we will be announcing official updates next week.  You can also sign up on our mailing list here (included link) to be the first to know when our news is released”.  Then what happens?  Most likely those fans will reply “thanks” or new people might chime into the conversation… and all of these interactions will be seen by friends of friends, increasing your page’s engagement with fans and potentially getting you many new LIKES!!  So, instead of deleting a fan’s post and potentially alienating them… you have successfully created a buzz!!  This same thing applies for Twitter… you should respond directly to the people asking the questions and give just enough of an answer to keep them interested and hungry for more news from you!

Now on to the second order of business: COMPLAINTS.  Customers/fans complaining about a product or service that you provide may at first seem like a huge pain showing up on your Facebook wall or in a tweet.  These complaints are also blessings in disguise!  People that have a complaint and voice it publicly are gifting you with an opportunity to show the world your first class customer service and professionalism in resolving issues!  You must respond to the complaint swiftly and courteously.

Remember that your customers and your fans are one of your greatest assets and you really need to have them happy with your music, products, services, etc. to keep them coming back for more.  If this complaint is because you screwed up something, give your apologies and correct the issue immediately.  You may even be able to offer a discount or throw something in for free to make up for your error.  It may only be a misunderstanding that will be cleared up with just a few sentences.  Don’t be afraid to address this publicly!  Once again, I see bands making the mistake of deleting these posts or even ignoring them!!  These complaints are truly amazing opportunities to not only correct customer service issues for individuals, but also a way for the general public to know that they should feel good doing business with you because you can be trusted to resolve problems.  Of course, there may actually be some complaints that are  too aggressive or sensitive to be discussed publicly and only you will be able to judge what you should deal with publicly or privately.  But, it is very important to note that dealing with complaints publicly and in a positive manner will build loyalty and trust in your business/band and that is one of the best moves you can make to succeed.



Normally, I would have a featured band or business in this section, but I am changing it up today (since I can do that if I want!)

Just earlier today, a friend posted a link to this article on Tech Crunch (thanks Amy if you are reading this!) and it is absolutely amazing and fascinating… With all the Facebook timeline changes lately, BandPage has broken away from Facebook and started a new site where bands can build their own template websites and do some pretty cool stuff.


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If you are a musician you need to check this out!  I have only just read the article and have yet to go and take a look at all these awesome features, but it sounds very promising!  Here is the article: http://techcrunch.com/2012/07/24/bandpage-everywhere/


Easy Action on Twitter, a simple step to get yourself started with Twitter



Thanks for sticking with me on the beginning of our social media journey together!  Let’s dive right in this week and get straight to the Action Item.


Action Item

Do you feel like you should be on twitter but you don’t really know what to do when you get there?  Or maybe you tweet a few updates here and there but you wait and then nothing seems to happen?  Clients say this to me all the time!  They want more twitter followers, but they aren’t really sure what to do with them!  I will let you in on a little secret… it’s called:


Go ahead and click on the link above, then pop in your band name or your business name… or a topic that you are interested in and SEARCH.  I just did a search for the terms “metal band” when I started typing this email, and 31 new tweets have been posted in that amount of time.  So you are thinking… How does this benefit you?  Start a conversation with these people talking about metal!  (if you are interested in metal or have a metal band) If you have a small business that sells office supplies, do a search for different types of office supplies!  See what people are saying… and just start replying to them.  People expect to meet random new people on twitter, that is how it works… networking!

My advice wouldn’t be to just say “Hey you like metal?  Check out my band page!”  – Wait on all that selling yourself and just start TALKING!  Ask what their favorite bands are, favorite restaurants, favorite products… ask what they do NOT like.  Twitter is all about meeting new people and gaining trust.  I love helping out clients with their twitter accounts, but when it comes down to it, their own personality is what needs to shine through!

Even if you find a bunch of results and don’t know what to reply yet, just start following these people!  You don’t have to know them, just follow a few new people or blogs or businesses… hang back and watch what they are talking about… eventually you will feel good about jumping in and making your own comments.   Here is a screenshot from my “metal band” search:


Another awesome search option is to use these advanced operators to narrow down your search by location, attitude of the post, and a ton of other factors:


I will feature bands or businesses in this section, please just reply to this email if you are interested in being featured.

The featured band of the week:  The Living Fields.  My pick for 2011 album of the year, you need to go take a listen!

The Living Fields plays an eclectic smelt of metals fleshed out with piano, violins, viola, cello, acoustic guitars and a variety of internal and external musical influences. Though built around a core of deep respect for the early death /doom architects, The Living Fields’ songs are rife with healthy doses of thrash, black, Viking and epic metals that reflect the underlying moods and themes of the lyrics.  Jon Higgs’ (vocalist) storylines typically veer far to the left of the self-centered cliches of doom (love, loss and death) in favor of more universal horrors that flow freely from the seemingly endless parade of humanity’s self-inflicted plagues. Oppression, injustice, suffering and man’s inhumanity to man flourish with such virility in today’s world that merely turning on the news offers up ample material for an entire album. Reading any book of history provides enough for a dozen.

Go give them a like: http://www.facebook.com/thelivingfields

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