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Lots of changes with Rock Socially + How to set your vanity URL on Facebook

Here is a quick social media reminder, a “how to”, for those of you who have not updated your Facebook URL:

Set your vanity URL.  This is to prevent you from having a bunch of numbers in your URL and allows you to claim your “facebook.com/bandname” address.  Facebook has a nice way of calling one thing several different names.. in this case Vanity URL, Claiming your URL, and Username are all different terms for the same thing.  Here is how to see if yours is set and if not, then claim it:
1. Type facebook.com/username into your address bar.
2. There will be a drop down box to select which page or profile you would like to set the “username” for (also called vanity URL).
3. If you already have a vanity URL, you will see it under the drop down.
4. If you do not already have a vanity URL, then you can type in what you would like to use and see if it is available.
5. Sometimes facebook will only allow you to set this after you have 25 likes or fans, but that is not always true.  So if you have a new page that has less than 25 likes you may have to wait to set it.


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