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RUMORS + COMPLAINTS (and why they are good for your band or business)

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Action Item

This week I want to talk about two different but similar issues (rumors + complaints!) that many bands and businesses encounter along the social media road… and why both of these “issues” can really be awesome opportunities for you!  It may not be an action item that you can take care of right now, but I am sure that something like this will come up in the future and when it does you will be prepared!

First off, let’s address RUMORS.  Let’s just say you are in a band that has something big coming up – a tour that isn’t yet confirmed, an album that isn’t released, or maybe a long-gone member of your band is joining back up again.  This also applies to businesses that have a new product launch, merger news, etc.  The catch is that you’re not ready to announce all this to the world, or you can’t because of contracts or other obligations.   What happens if friends, family, and fans all start finding out about this “secret” information that you do not want to be announced yet?  And what if they post it on your Facebook wall or ask you to confirm this news in a tweet?  Do you instantly freak out and delete the Facebook post?  You can’t erase what happens on Twitter so maybe you will message the person privately to explain you are sorry, but none of that can be discussed publicly yet?

THIS IS AN AWESOME OPPORTUNITY!  You need to thank your lucky stars if you have people that care enough about your band or business and get so excited when they see leaked content that they want to come directly to the official representative of the band/business and find out the facts!  If they post on your Facebook wall, LEAVE IT!  Please do not delete this… I have seen many people make this mistake!  Leave it there and see what happens… other fans might comment that they have heard this rumor also… you can also respond with something like “Thanks so much for your interest, we will be announcing official updates next week.  You can also sign up on our mailing list here (included link) to be the first to know when our news is released”.  Then what happens?  Most likely those fans will reply “thanks” or new people might chime into the conversation… and all of these interactions will be seen by friends of friends, increasing your page’s engagement with fans and potentially getting you many new LIKES!!  So, instead of deleting a fan’s post and potentially alienating them… you have successfully created a buzz!!  This same thing applies for Twitter… you should respond directly to the people asking the questions and give just enough of an answer to keep them interested and hungry for more news from you!

Now on to the second order of business: COMPLAINTS.  Customers/fans complaining about a product or service that you provide may at first seem like a huge pain showing up on your Facebook wall or in a tweet.  These complaints are also blessings in disguise!  People that have a complaint and voice it publicly are gifting you with an opportunity to show the world your first class customer service and professionalism in resolving issues!  You must respond to the complaint swiftly and courteously.

Remember that your customers and your fans are one of your greatest assets and you really need to have them happy with your music, products, services, etc. to keep them coming back for more.  If this complaint is because you screwed up something, give your apologies and correct the issue immediately.  You may even be able to offer a discount or throw something in for free to make up for your error.  It may only be a misunderstanding that will be cleared up with just a few sentences.  Don’t be afraid to address this publicly!  Once again, I see bands making the mistake of deleting these posts or even ignoring them!!  These complaints are truly amazing opportunities to not only correct customer service issues for individuals, but also a way for the general public to know that they should feel good doing business with you because you can be trusted to resolve problems.  Of course, there may actually be some complaints that are  too aggressive or sensitive to be discussed publicly and only you will be able to judge what you should deal with publicly or privately.  But, it is very important to note that dealing with complaints publicly and in a positive manner will build loyalty and trust in your business/band and that is one of the best moves you can make to succeed.



Normally, I would have a featured band or business in this section, but I am changing it up today (since I can do that if I want!)

Just earlier today, a friend posted a link to this article on Tech Crunch (thanks Amy if you are reading this!) and it is absolutely amazing and fascinating… With all the Facebook timeline changes lately, BandPage has broken away from Facebook and started a new site where bands can build their own template websites and do some pretty cool stuff.


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If you are a musician you need to check this out!  I have only just read the article and have yet to go and take a look at all these awesome features, but it sounds very promising!  Here is the article: http://techcrunch.com/2012/07/24/bandpage-everywhere/