Going “viral” on Facebook and Twitter, and all it costs you is a song

Hey people!  How are you doing today?

Seems like I write and write and write posts… but I am not sure what is most helpful to everyone… quick little tidbits of social media advice?  Or do you like my longer articles that explain a lot in great detail?  Let me know on my Facebook page!  I would love to read your opinion.

Today’s tip will be short and sweet:  GOING VIRAL ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER!

Have you heard of “Tweet For A Track”?  http://www.tweetforatrack.com

(The name might be misleading, but this is also about Facebook!)

It is super-duper-easy-peasy to sign up.  All you do is register (it’s free!), upload a track, then share on Facebook and Twitter.  Then when your fans ALSO SHARE on Facebook and Twitter, they will get emailed your track!

You are basically leveraging your fans and in turn THEIR NETWORK of friends on social networks.  But instead of your fans buying a track, all they have to do is SHARE about your track and they get it for free!  I think this is even better than paying for advertising!  It is free for you, and easy for your fans to share the promotion with their friends.  We are getting to the day where sharing on social networks is a stronger currency than online banner ads.  Think about it:  wouldn’t you pay good money to target advertising to your fans AND their friends?!  Well now all you have to do is send them a song 🙂

Get started today!  http://www.tweetforatrack.com

ps. I had issues uploading a track when I was using Chrome, but Internet Explorer worked fine!

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